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Wood based panel applications: NTI Process Solutions works closely with the wood based panel markets in Oceania, providing a range of services, including inspections, repairs, training and installations in addition to extensive knowledge to ensure that this competitive and demanding production stream is well looked after, and provides the reliable and consistent product that is expected in this industry.

Powder Paint: NTIPS offers expert service knowledge for all powder paint processing lines.

Chocolate processing: There are many applications where the use of a steel belt in chocolate processing is the ideal solution, from transfer conveyors to coolers, a steel belt offers a range of properties to ensure your product is consistent and of a high-quality.

Sulphur granulation: Supporting customers throughout Oceania to produce sulphur granules that are of SUDIC standard is something NTI Process Solutions excels at. With a wealth of knowledge coming from extensive in-house training at IPCO’s test centre’s, you can rest assured that your granulation process is capable of producing consistent and high-quality product.

Sintering: Sintering, and other High Temperature applications are supported by NTI Process Solutions, along with a series of key business partners, allowing for the complete servicing of your application.

Sandvik Steel Belt Cooler: NTIPS offers a wide range of services for Sandvik steel belt coolers. In 2019 the Sandvik steel belt division was divested and became IPCO, with NTIPS being the local agent for IPCO (previously Sandvik) machinery, all overhauls, replacement parts, inspections and technical advice can be sought locally, with specialist knowledge to ensure peace of mind for your machine.

Composites: Contact NTI Process Solutions to discuss how we can help you with your composites production

Meat cutting: Stainless steel belts are the ideal material for use in the meat indistry, due to it being resistant to bacterial contamination, long lasting and easy to clean. Unlike commonly used plastic belts, which require regular replacement and are susceptible to cuts and scratches allowing for bacterial build-up. In this vital Australian industry, ensuring that your products are processed on the safest possible conveyor is key to maintaining a high-quality and safe product.

Tracking Strip Replacement: V-ropes, sometimes known as tracking strips, or even Tru-Track rubber are often an essential part of your belt, whether it be for tracking purposes, or to prevent water contamination in the case of a steel belt cooler. NTI Process Solutions has the capabilities to replace anything from a small section, to a complete belt.

Using the tried and trusted method of vulcanising the rubber onto the steel belt, this ensures that your new V-rope will perform as expected for many years to come. Some other companies use various adhesives on their V-ropes, which over time can degrade and fail when you least expect it, adding the possibility of severe belt damage if this loose material gets between the belt and drum or sheave.